• Karen Janszen

    Karen Janszen

  • Marianne Jensen

    Marianne Jensen

    Living in the MarJens, that's where you'll find me.

  • Carlos Dorado

    Carlos Dorado

    B-Movies, Retrospectives & Underappreciated Classics

  • Ola John

    Ola John

    Writer|Medical Doctor

  • Brock LaBorde

    Brock LaBorde

    Writer/Producer in LA. 91percentfilm.com / tommywishow.com / Youtube.com/watch?v=oAv4ceFJH3U / Internet words: @WeeklyHumorist @ThisIsRobotButt @SlackjawHumor

  • Anshul Patyal

    Anshul Patyal

    science student who studies 4 sciences simultaneously. interested in technology and preparing to be a doctor.

  • Charles Kahn

    Charles Kahn

  • William Spivey

    William Spivey

    Writer, poet, wannabe philosopher. I write about politics, history, race, and social justice. Support me at https://ko-fi.com/williamfspivey0680

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