Hero? Man Has Sister So He “Gets it”

Man (left) who understands woman (right).

“My friend Gina friend-zoned me last month,” Brad Broley, told reporters. “So I’ve been letting her talk about feelings a lot so maybe she’ll change her mind.”

Broley, local hero and 32-year-old “good guy” has a sister and a mother, so he understands everything women-oriented.

“Look, my mom and sister go to therapy,” Broley says, “I don’t know why because I’m always happy in our family and in life, but I know something is wrong with them, so I just try to be supportive.”

Gina, Broley’s friend (for now), has expressed her gratitude for a man who is willing to put up with her and really seems to “get it.”

“It’s pretty rare to meet a guy who wants to be friends and respects me as a person,” Gina says. “Men have mostly been socialized to respond to real issues as if it’s not big deal, saying ‘that’s life’ and ‘I don’t see a problem, why are you so upset or having any feelings at all?’ It’s refreshing to know there are men like Brad who are so supportive.”

Broley and several others have learned the best tactic to de-escalating women feeling emotions is by subtly ignoring them and just saying “Oh, that’s tough.”

And this is rare. Seventy-seven percent of men in the US do not “get” this, according to the Institute of Man Statistics (IMS). The leftover 23 percent of men who do “get it” are divided into two camps: the 11 percent who truly “get it” and 12 percent who, like Broley, say they “get it.”

IMS representative and data analyst, Tony Dent says that hetero, cisgendered men are, almost exclusively, experts at being men and understanding men.

“The data on this is staggering,” Dent reported. “Ninety-nine point nine percent of people who report to be hetero cis men in the US know what it is like to be a man. They know that they like the way things are and were, especially in the 50’s.”

As for that 0.1 percent? Maybe they’re not men. All that can be said for certain about these events is that Brad Broley is truly a real hero.

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